MCCA’s Response to Bill 47

It has been a week since Bill 47 – The Early Learning & Child Care Act was introduced.

MCCA has done a thorough review of Bill 47 and compared it to the Community Child Care Standards Act. There are a number of aspects of this proposed Bill that are needing clarification as they are perceived as being concerning. As such, we have requested an immediate emergency meeting with Minister of Families, Minister Squires to gain an understanding of the implications of Bill 47.

There are a number of cautionary items that have been identified. Some of which include:

  • The definition of “early learning program” means a “program…of learning experiences for infants and preschool.” There is no mention under this definition nor throughout the Bill of licensed school-age child care for children between the ages of 6-12 years. Will school-age child care no longer be required to be regulated?
  • Will child care services in Manitoba (private, not-for-profit, licensed, unlicensed) be eligible for public funding in the form of grants?
  • The Community Child Care Standards Act refers quality and qualifications. These words are not evident in Bill 47. Proposed training refers to “employees who are certified”. How will trained, knowledgeable, Early Childhood Educators meet the “certification” process under this Bill?
  • The “Child Care Worker Retirement Benefits Regulation” is currently under the Community Child Care Standards Act. If the current Act is repealed, will this regulation be protected?
  • Bill 47 is unclear on the role of the Board of Directors/Parent Advisory. What is the proposed governance structure under Bill 47?

In the meantime, MCCA has been included in hundreds of letters that have been sent to MLAs across Manitoba. The response has been excellent. Please continue to send letters! If you would like a copy, email Jodie Kehl, Executive Director,

MCCA is flagging letters as they come. We are garnering the support of valuable stakeholders who use child care services. This includes teachers, tradespersons, health care individuals who can speak to the importance of not abandoning the current early learning & child care system in Manitoba when Bill 47 goes to Committee.

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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 2:34 pm