Week of the Early Childhood Educator

Signing of the proclamation with Minister Altomare.

In photo (L to R):  Mariella Carr, Marie Baltazar, Minister Altomare, Susana Lam and Fernanda Hodgson.

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Proclamation English

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2024 Dates: April 28 – May 4

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The Week of the Early Childhood Educator was established by MCCA  in 1992, following the release of the national Caring for a Living Study.  The celebration is intended to recognize the valuable work of those who “care for a living” by providing early childhood education, family support, and a service that contributes to the social and economic development of our province.   It has been  proclaimed annually by the Minister of Family Services, Government of Manitoba.

Whether you work in an early learning and child care centre or a family child care home the Week of the ECE is a celebration of the important work we do with children and their families.

Ways to Celebrate

Be creative:

  • Send thank you notes to the staff
  • Place gold stars on the staff’s lockers or staffroom door with a note of thanks!
  • Have a group picnic with the staff
  • Write “way to go” letters to the staff and mail them to their homes
  • Make up “time off” certificates for the staff for an extended lunch hour, to leave early or have a late start in the morning
  • Put up a poster where the child and child’s parent can write something positive about their child’s ECE
  • Attach a thank you card to employees pay cheques thanking them for a job well done
  • Acknowledge employees’ milestones by writing them on poster paper for all to see
  • Have a crazy shirt/sock/hat day with prizes for all the staff
  • Have an amateur night/talent show at the centre where staff can show off their talents
  • Take photos of the staff interacting with the children and have the slideshow on a computer for the staff to watch
  • Have the children write, “Carol is the best caregiver because…….” and give them to the staff
  • Have children/parents give the staff happy grams
  • Tap into your parents’ talents, do you have a chef, musician, esthetician who might be able to contribute something to celebrate the week

Minimal Cost Ways to Celebrate:

  • Have the board/parents decorate the staff room/entrance to the child care facility in celebration of the week
  • Send flowers, cookie grams, balloons, have a lunch hour pizza party for staff, children and parents
  • Have a morning tea/coffee and muffin breakfast waiting for the staff in the morning or to enjoy on their coffee break
  • Have a scavenger hunt with fun prizes and treats for the staff inside or outside the centre
  • Make the staff brown bag lunches with their favorite sandwiches and/or snacks, have the children decorate the bags
  • Hire a local massage therapist to give 10 minute massages to the staff on their breaks
  • Order t-shirts/jackets with the centre’s logo
  • Have a group get together at a movie, ball game or fun event
  • Have personalized beverage cups made for each staff with their names on it
  • Have a candy jar in the staff room with the staff’s favourite candies in it
  • Spruce up the staff room, give it a paint job, a new throw pillow, or pictures
  • Have a team outing like bowling, pool, miniature golf, including all staff and parents
  • Give a small gift card from Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, etc.
  • Visit the MCCA boutique for gift items

Future Dates for Week of the ECE

  • 2025:  April 27 – May 3
  • 2026:  April 26 – May 2