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The Role of the Federal Government in Early Learning and Child Care

The federal government does not provide direct funding to licensed child care programs under provincial jurisdiction, nor does it set standards or monitor child care programs.  It transfers funds to provinces that can be used to expand or enhance social services such as child care.  In 2017, the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Ministers signed a Multilateral Early Learning and Child Care Framework, that includs a long term vision, principles, and objectives that will help child care move forward:

Multilateral Early Learning and Child Care Framework

The federal government also provides  tax incentives and initiatives geared to families with children; and  gives money directly to eligible parents with all children up to age 18 (Canada Child Benefit)  The federal government is directly involved in funding on reserve child care programs, Military Family Resource centres, and child minding programs for newcomer families.

To contact your elected representative with the Government of Canada (Member of Parliament)  search here:

The Role of the Provincial Government in Early Learning and Child Care

Provincial governments  are responsible for child care in Canada.   They each develop  their own legislation, regulation, financial support policies,  monitoring procedures and plans for child care service delivery.

Role of the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)

You live or work in a constituency which has a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) with the Government of Manitoba, who is elected and responsible for voicing  concerns on behalf of constituents, representing  viewpoints or interceding  and assisting in problem solving.  You should communicate ideas, needs and concerns to your MLA.  Governments give priority to the issues most important to the public and the “squeaky” wheel has a better chance of getting the grease.

To connect with your MLA, you can request a meeting, send a letter, make a phone call, or send an email.   Scroll down for additional resources to help you communicate your needs and challenges. To find out who your MLA is, go to:

Find your MLA

Early Learning and Child Care Program

The  Early Learning and Child Care Program (ELCC) is in the Department of Families, and is the licensing authority that oversees the operation of licensed child care in the province.    If you would like information about licensed child care or  have a concern about a licensed child care centre or family child care home, you should contact  Early Learning and Child Care at 204-945-0776 (Winnipeg) 1-888-323-4676 (toll free

Learn more about licensed child care in Manitoba:

Early Learning and Child Care Program


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