Child Care Bridges

Child Care Bridges is the quarterly publication of the Manitoba Child Care Association. It serves as a regular update of our work towards quality child care and of issues and developments affecting children, families, child care programs, and early childhood educators in centres and family child care homes. Each MCCA member receives a copy of Child Care Bridges as one of their membership benefits.
For non members annual subscriptions are available, contact MCCA.

The editorial committee welcomes submissions for the journal. All submissions must be typed, signed, saved as a word attachment, addressed to the editor, and emailed to  Writers may request their names be withheld from published articles and letters. The Editorial Committee decides on published content and reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity, grammar, and length. Please refer to the Guidelines for Writers document for more information.

Guidelines for Writers

Articles must be submitted prior to journal deadlines as listed below.


January 2 Spring Issue March release
April 1 Summer Issue June release
July 1 Fall Issue September release
October 1 Winter Issue December release




The fall issue includes the insert for the fall workshop series as well as a listing of our new library resources.

The winter issue includes the insert for the winter workshop series, the award criteria, and the call for nominations for the Board of Directors.

The spring issue includes information for the Week of the Early Childhood Educator.


The Bravo Section was developed to publish milestone information about members, facilities and events held within the child care community.  Bravos are emailed to the Editor and will be accepted until the page is full for that issue of Bridges.  Those being submitted for the Bravo section must be current MCCA members.

Accepted Bravos:

  • Congratulating facilities on their anniversary for 5 years, 10, 15, 25, etc.  Increments of 5 years
  • Congratulating employees’ long terms of employment within a facility, 5 years, 10 years, etc.  Increments of 5 years
  • Congratulating colleagues on specific accomplishments, for example graduating from ECE programs, completing CBA, receiving awards, etc.
  • Congratulating groups that have aided and supported the MCCA in their endeavors

Please email your bravos to Karen Kowalski at and put BRAVO in the subject line.

You can either receive Bridges in hard copy via mail or you can receive an electronic copy via email.  Everyone receives a mailed copy unless they request an emailed version.  Please email Karen at to request an emailed copy.


Classified advertising is available at no cost to members. Ads must be 25 words or less and be received by the publication deadline. Free classified ads do not apply to the sale of new products or services. Paid advertising is available and ads are accepted on a first come first serve basis. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to disallow any ad. Please find the attached Advertising Rates 2024 and Advertising contract for your convenience.