MCCA provides members the opportunity to contribute to the organization and enhance their own skills and professional development by volunteering.


Board of Directors

If you are a leader with vision, broad knowledge of child care as a service and profession, strong interpersonal and communication skills consider a nomination to the MCCA’s provincial or regional boards of directors.


Child Care Benefits Committee

Users of our insurance programs ensure MCCA’s group benefits and facility liability insurance programs are comprehensive, affordable, and effective


Conference Committee

Work at the front lines to help develop and implement MCCA’s annual provincial conference!


Editorial Committee

Be part of the dynamic team that works to produce 4 issues of Child Care Bridges annually!


Ethics Committee

Embrace our Code! Become an Ethics Guide and help train and educate others!


Family Child Care Committee

This committee consists of family childcare providers who have what it takes to be a resource and support to other providers in the field.


Finance Committee

If you have knowledge of accounting and a talent for financial management, this is the right place for you!


Public Policy and Professionalism Committee

Work for change by helping to develop and implement strategies to promote child care as a service and as a profession.


School Age Committee

Become a member of this dynamic group that promotes raising the bar for School Age Care. Our members meet to receive peer support, exchange information, and lead projects related to school age care.


Networking & Special Interest Groups

Meet informally and occasionally to network, provide support, learn from each other, and celebrate successes.
Examples include:

  • Directors Support Groups
  • Infant and Toddler Care Network
  • Family Child Care Providers Networking Groups
  • Inclusion Network
  • Nursery School Network
  • Nature Education Support Group
  • Men in Childcare

A list of the Networking Groups and contact information is published in each issue of Child Care Bridges. If you are interested in volunteering on any of these committees please call Karen Kowalski at 586-8587 ext. 224, or call her direct line at 336-5062.