Mission, Vision, Values, By-laws


To advocate for a quality system of child care, to advance early learning and child care education as a profession, and provide services to our members.


To promote and support an exceptional and inclusive early learning and child care system by fueling members to be proud and excited to belong to a progressive, respected profession.



MCCA is committed to respect, ethical practice and integrity in the delivery of child care and early childhood education throughout Manitoba. We use current knowledge and expertise to ensure that the training and support we provide our members leads to consistent quality, high standards and best practices in the delivery of services to families.


MCCA has worked diligently to establish a reputation and credibility as a leader at both the provincial and national levels to enable it to further the interests of its members and Manitoba families.  We have a strong and effective voice with government and other key stakeholders and use it to advance our profession and encourage the development of a child care and early learning system that is inclusive, high quality, affordable and publicly funded.


MCCA is an important point of connection and belonging for members, where they are valued and respected for their roles and contributions. We are committed to innovation and continuous learning and to the growth and development of our profession.  We encourage and facilitate participation by all members in the fulfillment of our vision.


MCCA communicates and shares information among its members and with the community. We are informed and informative and strive to meet the evolving needs of our members through effective problem-solving and strategic initiatives. We provide opportunities to network and collaborate and are a trusted source of mentorship, education and knowledge.


MCCA respects and values all persons and is committed to diversity on its Board of Directors, committees, Regional Branches, staff, members and the families we serve. We respect each other’s ideas and opinions, even when we disagree.  We seek understanding of the impact of cultural and generational differences on our current and future work and membership.


  • Maintain financial independence
  • Provide resources and services to members on a province wide basis
  • Promote and develop Manitoba’s early learning and child care profession
  • Promote high standards of practice that support human development in early learning and child care
  • Advocate as a non-partisan, non sectarian organization at all levels of government for a quality early learning and child care system
  • Educate the public about early learning and child care as a profession and as a service
  • Work in partnership with those involved with the care and education of children
  • Encourage the development and expansion of early learning and child care training, research, and educational resources

Strategic Plan 2023-2028


MCCA’s By-Laws 2020 Click Here

MCCA’s Regional By-Laws 2020 Click Here