Frequently Asked Questions

 About  Child Care in Manitoba

1. Where can I get a list of licensed child care centres or family child care homes in my community?

Please contact Manitoba Early Learning and Care at 204-945-0776 or toll-free at 1-888-213-4754, and they will supply you with a list of licensed programs in your community or you can search online at


2. How do I apply for child care subsidy? 

Please call Manitoba Early Learning and Care at 204-945-0776 or toll-free at 1-888-213-4754, and ask about subsidy or you can apply online at


3. I have questions about my child’s licensed child care centre or licensed family child care provider. Who should I call?

Your questions should first be discussed with the Executive Director of the child care centre, or the operator of the family child care home. Manitoba Early Learning and Care, Department of Family Services, Government of Manitoba  is the licensing authority for licensed child care programs. Contact them at 204-945-0776 or toll free at 1-888-213-4754 if your question is about licensing or regulations.

4.  How many children can be cared for in a home without a license?

By law, no more than 4 children under the age of 12, with no more than two children under two years of age,  can be cared for without a license.  If you have concerns about private home child care, report it to 204-945-0776.

5.  Where can I learn more about child care in Manitoba?

Visit Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care:



About Working in Child Care in Manitoba

6. Where can I find out about how to be classified to work in a child care centre? 

Contact Manitoba Early Learning and Care at 204-945-0776 or toll-free at 1-888-213-4754, and ask for the Qualifications department. Or refer to the website at


7.  I have child care training from another country and want to work in child care in Manitoba.  Where can I find out how to do that?

Information is available at:

8.  How much should I be paid for working in a child care centre in Manitoba?

Each child care centre establishes their own salary scale based on what they can afford to pay.  The Government of Manitoba provides a wage adjustment grant so an eligible child care centre can receive funding support to pay an Early Childhood Educator a minimum of $15.50 an hour and a Child Care Assistant in ECE training a minimum of $12.25 an hour.  The Manitoba Child Care Association provides a Market Competitive Salary Guideline Scale for Early Learning and Child Care Programs to help centres establish their wage scale.  Learn more at:

About the Manitoba Child Care Association

9.  Where are you located?

MCCA is located on the 2nd Floor, Royal Bank Building, 2350 McPhillips & Court St. Winnipeg.   (one block north of Seven  Oaks Hospital)

10. What are MCCA’s office hours?

MCCA is open from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Monday to Friday.

11. What are your library hours?
Our library hours are 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. Our library is also open when a workshop is scheduled in the evening or Saturday. Refer to your Fall or Winter issue of Child Care Bridges, or phone (204) 586-8587  during the day to confirm evening or Saturday hours.

12. Do I have to be a personal member to get the member price for workshops/conference?

Yes, you must have a personal membership to access MCCA member benefits. If your centre has a membership it belongs to the Board of Directors /Parent Advisory Committee.

13. I lost my ethics certificate, what can I do?
MCCA keeps a database of participants’ dates of attendance at Ethics workshops. You can call Karen Kowalski at 204-336-5062 to confirm your past attendance in a particular workshop, submit $5.00 to MCCA and we will mail  a replacement certificate to you.

About Membership Dues and Payments

14. We are a new child care centre and our centre and staff would like to join MCCA. What do we do?

Click on the “Join the MCCA” link on the home page.  You can complete and submit the membership forms for the centre and employees  electronically.   Payment can be made online with a credit card, or the forms can be printed and returned to MCCA with a cheque.    There is also the option of monthly payroll remittance for child care centres whose employees are MCCA members.  Membership benefits begin when we receive payment.   After we receive the membership application we will mail information about MCCA and a membership card directly to employees.

15.. Do all our employees have to join MCCA?

An MCCA membership demonstrates credibility, commitment, and professionalism to early learning and child care.  Attachment to a professional organization is recommended in the Occupational Standards for Child Care Administrators and Early Childhood Educators (Child Care Human Resources Sector Council).  It is essential for ECE’s and CCA’s to keep up with new research and emerging ideas shaping early learning and child care.   If your centre offers the MCCA endorsed group benefits plan with HealthSource Plus,  all eligible employees  MUST also join the plan after the waiting period as per your contract, and MUST be a member of MCCA in order to use the plan.

16. When do I begin deducting MCCA membership dues?

Have your new employee complete the membership application and if the person chooses payroll remittance, make the first deduction on the first pay cheque after they have joined MCCA.

17. How much are membership dues?
You can find out more about our membership dues on the “Join the MCCA” link on our homepage.

18. How do I remit membership dues on payroll remittance?

After the last payday of each month, login in to your centre account online and enter the remittances for each employee for whom you have deducted MCCA dues.  You can pay online by credit card, or if  you prefer to remit by cheque, you can print and mail the remittance form.  Call us  at (204) 336-5065 if you need help managing your centre account online.

19. What happens if the payroll remittance is late?

Please remit membership dues after the last payday in each month in order to  keep memberships active and your account current. Once a centre has  deducted MCCA membership dues from  employees pay cheques,  they are  obligated to remit their due  to MCCA promptly in the same way they remit to  to Revenue Canada.  Remittances received after January 15 or each year may not be included on the annual receipt that many members request for their records.

20. When will I get a receipt for my membership dues?

For 2015, individual receipts will be available from the members online account.   Receipts reflect the payments we have received for the period January – December.    If you pay membership dues by payroll deduction, and there is a discrepancy between what you paid and your receipt, it may mean that your employer has not remitted all  payments for the year. Please discuss this with your employer before you contact us. Late payments will be included on the next annual receipt.

20. How can I change information?

Changes can be made by going to Member Login.  All changes can be made online, including name, mailing address, change of employment or  membership category.

21. Who do I call with questions about my membership account?
Call Dianne 1-204-336-5065 or

22.Who do I call about member records?
Call Dianne: 1-204-336-5065 or

23. Does MCCA have a toll free number?
Yes, our toll free number is 1-888-323-4676

24.  I can’t find what I am looking for on your website, what should I do?

Use the  “Search” box located  on the top right hard corner of each page.