Group RRSP + SMPPP Programs


The Government of Manitoba introduced Registered Pension Plan and Retirement Supports for Manitoba’s Early Learning and Child Care Workforce in 2010.  Supports include a matching contribution to a registered pension plan for full and part time staff in licensed, non-profit centres and nursery schools and a matching Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) for licensed, home-based family and group child care providers.

Learn more here:  Registered Pension Plans and Retirement Supports for Manitoba’s Early Learning and Child Care Workforce

If you have questions about the Family Choices pension options, child care centres and family child care providers should contact their Child Care Coordinator.

Simplified Money Purchase Pension Plan (SMPPP)  and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)  for Child Care Centres

Child care centres can  choose from one of four financial institutions in Manitoba offering SMPPP’s.    The Manitoba Child Care Association has selected Industrial Alliance (IA) as the best option for our members.  They offer:

  • lower investment management fees, made  possible because of the size of our group
  • semi-annual statements to plan members
  • CyberClient, a secured website to monitor investments
  • planning tools to stay on track with a retirement objective
  • bilingual customer support line
  • online contribution remittances for participating centres

PLUS, MCCA has established a Retirement Plan Advisory Committee that meets at least annually to provide input into plan design, ensure there is a monitor on investments, and regular communication with plan members.  People Corp is our plan advisor, provides professional expertise, and helps ensure  compliance with the fiduciary obligations of the SMPPP.

The SMPPP and RRSP plans are open to child care centres that are MCCA members.

For more information contact:

Lynn Van Ryssel, Client Relationship Manager – Western Canada


1-888-532-1505 ext 45-1045