MCCA’s History

The Manitoba Child Care Association was established on May 11, 1974 at a meeting of day care parents, staff, and interested people who were all concerned with the effects of the federal/provincial subsidy program on the quality of child care in Manitoba.   An objective was established: “to take an active interest and concern in all aspects of child care services for children from one day old to sixteen years in the Province of Manitoba and to bring together all interested persons.” The main goal of the new Association was, and still is, to promote quality child care in Manitoba.  The Association welcomed, and still does, all interested persons to join.  It was believed then, and also today, that “together, we have a louder voice.”

MCCA proudly celebrated a 40th anniversary in 2014.   We have close to  4000 members, is the largest provincial child care association in Canada, has 5 full time staff positions and over 100 volunteers on committees and regional branches, and is  entirely membership funded.

MCCA is very proud of our history, our success, and our influence.  We are grateful for the loyalty and support of our members, our financial stability, the wisdom and efforts of our founders and leaders, staff, and volunteers.

MCCA History 1974 – 2022

MCCA-History-Slideshow  (A walk down memory lane –  35 years of child care in Manitoba, 1974-2009)