National Day of Action

Today is the National Day of Action on Child Care.

In August 2021, Manitoba became the seventh jurisdiction to sign the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement. 28 months later, many investments have been made to begin the establishment of an accessible, affordable, inclusive, flexible, and high-quality child care system in our province.

A new provincial government now at the helm is a perfect time to reflect on the current status of child care in Manitoba. What has worked? And where are the gaps?

Many families have welcomed $10/day child care.

Families are waiting for spaces.

Wait-lists have grown tremendously at facilities.

And to make this all work – we are still waiting for a comprehensive workforce strategy for Early Childhood Educators.

Our hope is that our Provincial Government acts quickly to address the dual problem of long wait-lists and staff shortages.

Read the MCCA/CCCM News Release

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Posted by Kayla Mauricio at 10:03 am