Manitoba Speech from the Throne Includes Child Care


This is what Manitoba’s  Speech from the Throne said about child care:

Our Government will launch a new Early Learning and Child Care strategy with initiatives to create new child care spaces, reduce wait times, eliminate red tape and foster better outcomes for families with young children. Legislation will reduce red tape for early childhood educators, focus on partnerships with other levels of government, traditional and home-based service providers, businesses/employers, schools, rural and northern communities. It will introduce new incentives for private investments in child care spaces.  Our early years education strategy will focus on achieving better educational outcomes by supporting early learning initiatives, enhanced early childhood educator (ECE) training and securing greater alignment with a ‘cradles to careers’ approach. Our work will continue to improve outcomes in early years literacy and numeracy by refocusing resources and enhancing the programming during this critical period of development

New incentives for private investments in child care spaces” is concerning.  If “private investments” means for profit child care, parents are forewarned that child care fees charged by for profit operators in other provinces are 3-4 times higher than child care fees in Manitoba’s primarily not for profit child care centres.   The best educational outcomes for children hinge on the  quality of care and learning provided by Early Childhood Educators who are well compensated.    “Reducing red tape” for early childhood educators…..” can’t imagine what that means.



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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 9:34 pm