It’s in the Mail!

As you know, from February 22 – March 22, 2019, MCCA circulated a general petition urging the Provincial Government to increase funding for licensed not for profit child care programs in recognition of the importance of early learning and child care in Manitoba.

The response to the petition was overwhelming. But now what?! We want to keep this conversation alive and we want you to be a part of the conversation. MCCA has embarked on a #support26K campaign.

All MCCA centres, MCCA Family Child Care Providers and MCCA Associates will be receiving a poster, a window clingy and button(s) for your staff. Display the poster and clingy and wear the button to remind Manitobans and our Provincial Government that we need increased funding for our licensed not for profit early learning & child care programs.

What else?

  • The provincial election date has just been announced – September 10. The federal election is scheduled for October 21. #support26K is a perfect opportunity to have the conversation with campaigners who come to your door. “Did you know, that over 26,000 Manitobans recognize the importance of early learning and child care? How will your party support early learning and child care in a way that meets affordability, accessibility and most importantly…quality?”
  • What if on a specified day/week, we all changed our profile picture to match the #support26K logo? MCCA wants to initiate this as support to its members in this pre-election period. Stay tuned on details this summer.
  • How about a #26K walk? No, not 26 kilometers. A shorter walk to raise awareness. MCCA’s Public Policy Committee is working on the details to organize something later in the summer.
  • If you would like a copy of the jpeg to spread the message, make a t-shirt or other items for your own marketing use, please email Jodie at jkehl@mccahouse.org (MCCA’s Logo Use Policies will be applicable)
  • Spread the word! As a benefit of being an MCCA member, you are receiving the paraphernalia For non-MCCA members/centres, we have packages available for purchase (cost recovery only). Please contact MCCA for more information – 204—586-8587.


Thank you for your support! Let’s get early learning & child care the attention it deserves!

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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 3:17 pm