Bill 47 – The Early Learning & Child Care Act

The Province of Manitoba announced Bill 47 – The Early Learning & Child Care Act on March 11, 2021. Many questions linger after the announcement.

  • Does streamlining the classification process translate into minimizing credentials for trained Early Childhood Educators?
  • Does extending the operating grants into various other programs mean less money for existing facilities?
  • Does freezing parent fees for another 3 years (after they have already been frozen for 8 years) mean that existing programs will have no increased revenue?
  • Does modernization simply translate into the watering down of an established system?

In order for Bills to be passed in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, there are a number of steps that must occur. A Bill is introduced, has a first reading, a 2nd reading and then is referred to a Standing or Special Committee. This Committee is made up of MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) from both sides of the house. At the Committee stage, individuals or organizations, like MCCA, can present oral or written submissions regarding Bills. Bills can be amended at this stage. Once a Bill has gone to Committee, it is reported on, there is a 3rd reading and finally Royal Assent is granted to pass it into legislation.

Important to note – Bill 47 is the Early Learning and Child Care Act, not the licensing regulations. It is the umbrella over the regulations. The regulations are the “who, what, where, why and how” of our system functions. In upcoming months, there will be stakeholder consultations on the updating of the regulations and this is a crucial part to this whole process.

Bill 47 has been read once in the Legislative Assembly. MCCA has registered to submit both an oral and written presentation regarding the Bill. Anyone from the public can do so by registering through the Clerk’s Office at 204-945-3636.

This week, MCCA started a MLA Letter Writing Campaign. If you would like a copy of the letter and the MLA listing, please email, Jodie Kehl, Executive Director at

MLAs are elected positions. They are voted in by the people in their constituency. They are located throughout the entire province and are comprised of all the major political parties in Manitoba.

Remember our petition? Over 26,000 signatures! Can you imagine if we swamped every MLA, the Minister of Families, the Minister of Finance with 26,000 letters of support for the existing sector?! Remember some of those MLAs will make up the Standing Committee which hears concerns regarding Bills, like Bill 47.

This our opportunity to do something. Now is the time to be heard. Keep those letters coming.

We will not panic. We will be professional. We will be articulate. And we will flood them with facts.

Thanks to child care, Manitoba works…don’t forget that.

~ Jodie

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