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As of June 30, 2016 there are 15,078 children on the online registry waiting for a space in a licensed child care facility.    Parents seeking employment, securing employment, or returning to school are highly likely  going to have trouble getting a space in a licensed child care centre or home.  Manitoba provides licensed child care for just over 18% of children 0 – 12 years of age.  MCCA recommends parents start the search for child care as soon as the need is identified.    Infant care in a licensed facility is in very high demand, so register your unborn child promptly if you plan a return to work after maternity/parental leave.  The quality of care children receive matters so parents must choose carefully!  The following resources will help parents learn about  child care options, and with  screening and monitoring.

Search for licensed child care in Manitoba

Online Child Care Registry

Parents may use unlicensed child care while waiting for a space in the centre or licensed child of their choice.   By law, a person can provide private home child care without a provincial license to a maximum of four children under age 12, including the caregivers own children and any other children living in the home.  No more of these children can be under the age of 2.   There are no standards that must be met and no inspections of the private home so it is entirely up to parents to evaluate and constantly  monitor the quality of care provided to their child.  When visiting an in home child care,  ask if the provider is licensed and if yes, ask to see the license which is issued by the Government of Manitoba.   For questions or concerns about child care, contact Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care at 204-945-0776.

Learn more about Unlicensed Private Home Child Care in Manitoba

Check list to use when screening child care facilities

Click here to see a Government of Ontario publication that is available in 23 languages in addition to English.

Questions to ask your child care provider

Frustrated with the shortage of licensed child care in Manitoba?  Contact your MLA to express your concern and add your voice to the call for more accessible, reliable,  affordable, quality, early learning and child care services.

Contact information for Manitoba MLAs




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