Throne Speech Commits to 12,000 More Spaces

In the 2015 speech from the Throne, the provincial government committed to create 12,000 more affordable child-care spaces in order to make sure parents who need a child care space will have one.  Plans to expand include more  child care centres in schools, college, and universities over the next five to seven years.

There are 12,729 children province wide on the online waiting list.

Online Child Care Registry, September 30, 2015

A plan to increase the number of licensed spaces will be very welcomed by families struggling to find quality, affordable child care.  However, the plan must also include a provincial wage scale at market competitive rates;   a significant increase in post-secondary urban, rural, and northern training programs to graduate 1200+ plus Early Childhood Educators; along with capital, start up, and operating funding and leadership to establish  new child care facilities all over Manitoba.

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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 9:42 pm