Speech from the Throne 2019

MCCA attended the Speech from the Throne yesterday afternoon.

Directly from the speech, “And 1,510 additional school-based child-care spaces will be added as part of the 20 New Schools Guarantee. (over the next ten years, including the seven schools already committed)…The Department of Families will also expand private sector investment to increase the number of child-care spaces in Manitoba. Legislative amendments will facilitate the payment of capital grants to private early learning and child-care centres to spark the development of new spaces. The child-care centre development tax credit will continue to be funded, and a new Portable Child Care Benefit will be developed that offers parents more options by following children to their family’s child-care option of choice. This 10 new program will extend the benefit of up to $500 per month to 3,000 lower income families.”

MCCA will be meeting with the Early Learning & Child Care Program and the Minister of Families in the upcoming weeks. We will be reiterating our identified priorities and recommendations in anticipation with aligning them with the Province’s. We will use this meeting as an opportunity to gain clarification on the above. We remain steadfast in our beliefs that existing licensed not for profit programs are in dire need of an operating grant increase.


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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 12:26 pm