MCCA Challenges PC’s to Develop a Robust Child Care Strategy

MCCA is calling on the PC government to improve child care in Manitoba by addressing the critical province wide shortage of child care spaces, by providing stable and adequate funding  funding for child care centres and licensed home child care, and upholding quality standards for all early learning and child  care programs.

The child care community is worried that the new government will reduce current funding to existing facilities, lower quality by changing the standards  that ensure the health, safety,  well-being of children,  and stop investing in new spaces   that provide both care and  early childhood education.

MCCA’s Provincial budget 2016 media release

Minister of Families, Scott Fielding has a mandate from the Premier that directs him to:

  • …..focus on shortening wait times for childcare, through a program of re-invigorating investment in private child care spaces and reducing barriers such as unnecessary red tape.  You will also work to reduce social problems through innovative social impact bonds.

Read the full mandate letter to the Minister of Families

Learn about social impact bonds


Quality child care is the backbone of all social programs that support families and the first tier of education for the 34,000 children able to access a licensed space.  There are currently more than 12,000 additional children registered on the online waiting list.

Online Child Care Registry Quarterly Statistics

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