Online Consultation on Proposed Child Care Regulatory Changes

The Province of Manitoba has launched an online public consultation, which is required to implement regulatory changes in support of Bill 9, The Community Child Care Standards Amendment. The proposed changes are intended to reduce administrative burden on child care providers and streamline other requirements.

These changes would build on Manitoba’s commitment to reduce red tape by:

• extending the term of child care licenses from one year to three years for those in good standing;
• increasing licensing options for family group child care homes;
• reducing duplication by consolidating health and safety and code of conduct requirements;
• changing the inclusion support grant to better accommodate children with exceptional support needs; and
• strengthening the capacity of the workforce to support professional skill development.

The regulatory consultation document is available online at https://reg.gov.mb.ca/detail/2937833

To provide comments on the proposed regulation amendments, click “Make a comment” on the right side of the page. You will need to register yourself to proceed.

Submissions will be accepted until August 12, 2020.

This is your opportunity to provide feedback on proposed amendments to the child care regulations.

MCCA has met with various stakeholders to review the consultation draft and will be submitting a formal letter to the Minister of Families seeking clarification as well as communicating its position on the proposed regulatory amendments.

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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 2:13 pm