Province is Failing the Child Care Sector

In a joint statement, MCCA, Child Care is Essential, Child Care Coalition of Manitoba and Child Care Now (MB Chapter) is calling on the Province to increase operating grants to early learning & child care facilities.

The challenges that existed pre-Covid have been emphasized over the past six months for child care programs in Manitoba. With no increases to operating grants since 2016, the stability of many programs is being jeopardized.

MCCA circulated a general petition in 2019 which highlighted:

  • Early Learning and Child Care programs in Manitoba require increased funding to stabilize and support a system that is in jeopardy.
  • Accessible, affordable and quality Early Learning and Child Care programs must be available to all children and families in Manitoba.
  • Licensed not for profit Early Learning and Child Care programs have received no new
    operating funding in over three years, while the cost of living has continued to increase
  • High quality licensed child care has a lasting positive impact on children’s development,
    is a fundamental need for Manitoba families and contributes to a strong economy.
  • The financial viability of these programs is in jeopardy if they cannot meet the fiscal
    responsibility of achieving a balanced budget as all operating expenses continue to
  • The workforce shortage of trained Early Childhood Educators has continued to increase.
    Quality child care is dependent on a workforce that is skilled and adequately

This petition received over 26,000 signatures in only four short weeks.

As our Province begins to stabilize its economy, now, more than ever, Manitoba’s children and families deserve a quality licensed early learning & child care system that is adequately funded and supported.

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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 12:23 pm