Ontario Announces Plan to Help 100,000 Children Access Licensed Child Care

Ontario’s Renewed Early Years and Child Care Policy Framework 2017 has seven action items:

  1.  Increasing Access – by prioritizing not for profit, significant operating, subsidy, & capital investments, base funding for licensed home child care
  2. Increased Affordability – increasing funding for fee subsidies, launching an Affordability Strategy
  3. Early Years Workforce Strategy – how to better support ECEs and other staff through compensation, hiring, retention, education, training, and governance; including two professional learning days per year
  4. Defining Quality in the Early Years – research and develop a mechanism for measuring program quality
  5. Promoting Inclusion in the Early Years – review current approaches to support all children in early years and care settings
  6. Outcomes and Measurement Strategy – develop & release an annual report; develop a 5 year outcome and measurement strategy
  7. Increasing Public Awareness – create an online hub

The news release says, in part, “Making licensed child care more affordable and ore accessible for families is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.”

Read more about it here:  Ontario Making Child Care More Accessible and Affordable for Families

MCCA congratulates the Government of Ontario and their partners in child care and related sectors for their  leadership  to design and  build a better child care system for children and families!



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