MCCA’s Recommendations to Manitoba’s 2021 Budget

MCCA attended the Budget 2021 Virtual Meeting on February 4th, 2021. We asked the following question to Finance Minister, Scott Fielding:

“If Manitoba wants a full, long term economic recovery from Covid-19, early learning and child care is part of the solution. Manitoba citizens have been able to continue working and re-join the work force thanks to child care. The current child care landscape is unique with facilities reporting vacancies allowing for more Manitobans to go back to work. Since capacity is not a current pressure point, how will Budget 2021 invest in early learning & child care so that the most skilled, knowledgeable and capable ECEs, working with our most precious resources, are supported?”

MCCA’s full summary of recommendations were submitted to the Province. Pre-Budget Submission 2021

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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 8:22 pm