MCCA in Action in 2023!

Strategic Planning for the Association 2023 – 2028

 MCCA has partnered with Sidekick Consulting to work with its members, staff and Board of Directors to facilitate and develop a 5-year Strategic Plan. Sidekick’s innovative approach includes connecting four pillars to develop actionable, impactful and sustainable solutions. Their “4P” approach include purpose, profit (ensuring MCCA, as a not-for-profit, plans for long term financial stability), people and passion.[i] This plan will help to focus and guide the work of the Association in the upcoming years. In addition to the member survey, circulated in January, another will be distributed to MCCA’s senior leadership staff and Board of Directors. A full day strategic plan will be held at the end of February as well as a ½ day working session. We look forward to releasing a summary of the plan in the early Spring to the membership.

Canada-Manitoba Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Agreement

To recall, Manitoba’s Canada-wide Agreement spans from 2021-2026, with a total of $1.2B coming to Manitoba during that time. The first 2 years of the Action Plan under the Agreement are coming to an end (March 31, 2023). A quick look through the current plan, highlights that there a number of new initiatives that are still be rolled out before the end of March. Remember when I said it’s going to be a busy year? It’s more likely that the next 3 years will be busy!

This also means that the provincial government is now negotiating (with the federal government) the next Manitoba Action Plan (2023-2026). During this time period, there will be $874M, transferred into the province to support the plan. The Minister’s Consultation Table (MCT) has been presented with some initial information of this plan for review, considerations and recommendations.  We are remaining optimistic that this time, the MCT will have meaningful input on the future initiatives that will be truly supportive of a system that embraces the fundamental elements of system – affordability, accessibility, inclusivity and high-quality.

Provincial Election on the Horizon

The fixed date for the next provincial election has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 23rd, 2023. MCCA’s Public Policy and Professionalism Committee has already set plans in motion…

(To read the full Executive Director’s report, please refer to your Spring 2023 issue of Bridges.)





[iv] Unit funding is how not-for-profit licensed facilities are funded in Manitoba; a combination of parent fees and operating grants that aim to provide equitable funding for each “unit” of care (4 infant/toddlers, 8 preschoolers or 15 school-age children).

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