Early Childhood Educators are Essential

We are so very excited to share this!

Earlier this year, MCCA began working with Abraxas Studios to develop promotional videos that a) support the benefits of being an MCCA member and b) promote early learning & child care as a profession. In March 2020, due to COVID limitations, we had to temporarily stop production. But, great news, we resumed filming in July!

The videos will be a perfect visual opportunity to remind others (the policy makers, the business community, other sectors and the public) why reliable early learning & child care is essential in Manitoba. Investment into child care results in numerous economic and socioeconomic benefits as well as, having significant positive, life long, developmental impacts on children.

In addition to the two main videos, we will also be developing five short digital stories that demonstrate how early learning & child care affects Manitobans throughout the province and in various sectors including business, health care, and education, as an example.

As a teaser to this series, please enjoy this incredible video.


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Posted by Karen K at 1:44 pm