How are Manitoba’s Children Doing?

There is a new video highlighting the importance of the early years and also the EDI (Early Development Instrument).    The EDI is a questionnaire that measures kindergarten children’s readiness for school across several areas of child development:

  • physical health and well being
  • social competence
  • emotional maturity
  • language and thinking skills
  • communication skills and general knowledge

The EDI  assess the strengths and needs of the children in a community overall, and can help schools, parents, early learning and child care programs, service providers and policy makers make informed decisions about how to better support the development of children.

The EDI and Early Years video

The video is available in English and in French.

The 2012/13 EDI Provincial Reports for Manitoba by school division are available at Healthy Child Manitoba

This election, let’s ensure the political parties attend to the needs of all generations of Manitobans.   Ask candidates how their party plans to continue the focus on child-centred public policy and ensure best outcomes for Manitoba’s youngest citizens  – from prenatal to adulthood.


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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 2:31 pm