Evidence Based Analysis of Home Based Child Care in Manitoba

This newly released report examines licensed home child care in Manitoba, including the features associated with quality of care experienced by children and parents as well as the job experience of the care providers.

With more than 15,000 children on Manitoba’s online waiting list, and pressure to add new spaces, family child care is on government’s radar  as a priority for expansion.   The average number of children enrolled in a licensed family home was 7.2 in 2015.

This paper provides valuable information that government must consider when planning  an affordable, high quality, reliable early learning and child care system for Manitoba families.

To strengthen home child care,  solutions must be identified to address the following:

  •  high turnover
  • low income
  • vulnerability to income disruption
  • long work hours
  • few benefits
  • absence of early childhood specific training

*Between 2004-2013, the average overall opening rate in Manitoba was 8.33% and the average overall closing rate was 13.7%.

Read the full report:

Working Paper MB Family Home Childcare Study


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