Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical Dilemmas , What Would You Do? - Manitoba Child Care Association - Early Childhood Education - Winnipeg - Manitoba

ECEs encounter ethical dilemmas each and every day in their centres and in ECE related settings. The ethics committee hopes you will find some of these vignettes “food for thought”. These may prompt helpful and controversial discussions during breaks, planning time or at staff meetings. Talking about beliefs, values and ethics or actions can help us make more sense of the day to day issues that may
present themselves. If nothing else… it can open our eyes to how others might
see our actions.

All of these vignettes were created from dilemmas that ECEs have faced in the past few years. Yes, these things really happened!

So….what would you do, if you were witness to any of these situations? What might your colleagues do? Why would you and your colleague handle these differently? Or would you?

Watch the series below!


Episode 1: The Restaurant


Episode 2: The Workshop


Episode 3: The Social


Episode 4: The Baby


Episode 5: The Tree