Canada-Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Agreement Signed!

It’s an exciting day in Manitoba as the bilateral agreement on early learning and child care has been signed!  The framework on how Manitoba will invest nearly $47 over the next three years is now available on the Government of Canada website:

Canada-Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Agreement

The Manitoba News Release:

Manitoba News Release on ELCC Bilateral Agreement

MCCA thanks the federal government for putting child care back on the policy agenda and developing a framework and providing financial support to help provincial governments work toward a shared long term vision where ALL children across Canada can experience high quality, accessible, affordable, inclusive, and flexible early learning and care.    We also recognize the Government of Manitoba who has spend many months working on a made in Manitoba plan to best meet the child care needs of children, parents and communities.  Special thanks to Hon. Scott Fielding, Minister of Families and Michelle Stephen-Wiens, A/Director of Early Learning and Child Care.

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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 12:15 pm