Proclamation Signing for Week of the Early Childhood Educator – April 24-30, 2022

Original post made by Karen Kowalski, MCCA’s Assistant Executive Director – “Advocacy Comes in Different Forms. Yesterday, myself and a group of colleagues made our way to the legislature to be present while Minister Ewasko, signed the Proclamation for Week of the Early Childhood Educator (April 24 – 30).

I always invite past MCCA award recipients so that they can be part of the event and the photo opportunity. I tell them in the email, this usually takes 10 – 15 minutes, at least this has been my experience of going 20 times to the leg. This year was different, Minister Ewasko, greeted all of us at his office and introduced himself to everyone and then invited us to sit down and proceeded to ask each individual there to share their story with him.

We took the photos as in previous years, but we have never been invited to sit down and “talk”. We were there for an hour! As I sat there and listened to my colleagues share their stories about how they came to be an ECE, how they have stepped up as a critical worker during the pandemic, and how they want to stay in a field that they love but need to earn a decent wage to do so, I had to hold back my tears as I was so moved and proud to hear the passion in their stories. It was a great hour, one that I soon won’t forget, and a real highlight for me during these past years and in my career at MCCA.

The Proclamation will be on our website today, you can download it and print it off to post in your programs. MCCA will also have copies at our office.

Photo L to R: Pat Furman, Amy Wicklund, Sheena Delaronde, Caryn LaFleche, Kisa MacIsaac, Matthew Bordush and Minister Wayne Ewasko in front.”

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