Staffing Changes at MCCA

MCCA is changing its staffing infrastructure to better meet the needs of its 4000+ members!

Karen Kowalski has been at MCCA since August 28, 2000. As one of MCCA’s most “seasoned” employees she has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Even after nearly 21 years, Karen comes to work every day with unbridled enthusiasm and commitment. She always prioritizes MCCA’s members to ensure that our services are meeting their needs. Effective immediately, Karen is transitioning into her new position as Assistant Executive Director. In conjunction with the MCCA’s Executive Director, she will play a key role in the advocacy and policy development of early childhood care and education. She will provide oversight over the professional development opportunities with MCCA committees, branches and community partners to identify and implement professional development opportunities. Congratulations on your promotion, Karen! You are the perfect person for this position.

On April 19, 2021, MCCA welcomes Jenna Poborsa to our team! Jenna will assume the position of Program Services Administrator. She has been involved in the Early Learning & Child Care sector in Manitoba since 2007 in a variety of positions. Most recently, Jenna was a Program Coordinator for a licensed facility in Winnipeg. As the Program Services Administrator, Jenna will be responsible for the planning and implementation of many of MCCA’s programs and services. This will include providing some of MCCA’s communications, professional development and training and support to MCCA’s membership and committees. Jenna brings her excitement, passion and professionalism and will be a great asset to our staffing complement. We are delighted to welcome you, Jenna!

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Posted by Jodie Kehl at 8:45 am