NEW Initiative – Online Professional Development Workshops

MCCA has partnered with Red River College and the Science of Early Child Development (SECD) to provide online workshops.  The first workshop, Focusing on Play, is scheduled from November 23 – December 7, 2015.  Topics include the value of play for learning and development, the role of play in self-regulation, and risky, active and outdoor play.  A next session, on positive guidance, will run in early 2016.

Click here for more information about the SECD and this workshop:

Online Workshop – Focusing on Play

Click here to view the online workshop from MCCA’s  Fall Workshop Brochure (page 22) and pricing:

MCCA’s Fall Workshop Brochure – Focusing on Play Information*

*Please note:  there is an error in the brochure, the  location of this workshop is  ONLINE, not at MCCA

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