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Panda Bear Day Care Co-op Inc.

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Early Childhood Educator


At Panda Bear Daycare we believe that play and exploration is the most important part of a child’s day because children develop language, problem solving, social and every day skills needed in day to day experiences. This is why we provide lots of time and opportunity for free play each day.

Activities are planned according to the seasons, holidays and the children’s type of play. We also take into account the developmental capabilities of children when implementing these experiences.

Eligible Candidates

Eligible candidates must posses the following;

  • Silly personality by singing out loud, and having fun with children
  • Playful personality by playing outdoors in all types of weather (and getting dirty!)
  • Be a storyteller by either reading books or just simply making them up as you go along
  • Being a strong advocate for children and Early Childhood Education as a profession.
  • Responsible for overall care and supervision of children
  • Guide classroom assistants and volunteers by modelling best practice in early learning and child care
  • Collaborate with colleagues and management in a professional and productive manner on a regular basis
  • Observe children in daily activities and provide emergent programming for each child based on their interests, developmental abilities
  • Communicate with families and make learning visible through documentation on The HiMamma App
  • Maintain the prepared environment by responding to the developmental needs of all children, and keeping the learning environment clean and safe
  • Reliable, energetic and team player.
  • Experience is an asset
Application Deadline January 23rd, 2022
Contact Information

Please send resume to pbdc53@gmail.com


Only eligible candidates will be contacted.


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