Game Changer – Are Child Care Fees on track to decline by 50%?

David Macdonald, Senior Economist for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and Martha Friendly, Childcare Policy Researcher, have just released the 8th Fee Report which examines child care fees across the country.

“Are child care fees across Canada on course to decline by 50 per cent by the end of this year?

This report assesses which provinces and territories are on track to meet these ambitious targets and which ones might fall behind.

Game Changer provides detailed fee data for 37 cities from late 2021, just before major changes in the sector started. It calculates the federal targets for the end of 2022 for each city. Then, based on provincial and territorial child care action plans to date, it projects whether the federal government’s target of a 50 per cent reduction in fees (based on 2019 fees as the baseline) will be met.

This study draws on the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ survey of licensed child care centres and regulated home-based child care in 37 cities across Canada – the only database of its kind in the country.”

Where does Manitoba fall in this report? From the Globe and Mail – “But parents in Winnipeg won’t see their fees change at all, according to Mr. Macdonald, because Manitoba is relying on changes in its child-care subsidy system to reduce overall costs.”

See the full report here – Game Changer – Fee Report M.Friendly, D.Macdonald 2021


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