2022 Award Recipients

The MCCA Public Policy & Professionalism Committee would like to announce the 2022 award recipients.

Leader of the Year: Aricelle Taylor

Exceptional ECEs: Samantha Henry & Corinna Valdez

Exceptional Family Child Provider: Cindy Curry

Dr. Gretta Brown (RRC Polytech): Faith Wong

Dr. Gretta Brown (Universite de Saint Boniface): Aminata Siby

MCCA Student Scholarship: Mei Ling Cheung

Educaring Award: K.I.D.S. INC. & Ecole Sir William Osler

Volunteers of the Year: Theresa Parrish & Lee Meagher (Day Nursery Centre)

Children’s Service Recognition Award: Susan Prentice

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Posted by Karen K at 8:35 am