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Child Care Assistant


Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:

–          Prepare and conduct theme-based, developmentally appropriate activities, particularly for the afternoon gathering and outdoor play time, for children aged 2 – 6 years old

–          Assist children during the afternoon work cycle under the direction of the Montessori teachers

–          Assist children with classroom activities and personal care (toileting, washing hands, (un)dressing: shoes, jackets, etc.)

–          Supervise nap room

–          Organize activities and supervise unstructured play outdoors and indoors at end of day

–          Attend to the end of day interactions with parents and the closing duties

–          Available for additional (substitute) hours as required


Special demands: the role of a Teaching Assistant requires high energy and good health and involves crouching, kneeling and getting up and down from the floor, and it can involve heavy lifting. Repeated exposure to viruses is commonplace in the early childhood environment.

General duties:

–          Assist teachers with the classroom program and activities

–          Assist children during the work cycle under the direction of teachers

–          Assist children with classroom activities and personal care (toileting, washing hands, (un)dressing: shoes, jackets, etc., lunch time)

–          Change diapers, monitor bathroom during work cycle and supervise prior to gatherings

–          Cut paper

–          Sharpen pencils

–          Scholastic Reading Club flyers


Opening duties:

–          Set out outdoors toys

–          Take chairs down from tables; spray tables with sanitizer and wipe down

–          Remove laundry from dryer and fold hand towels

–          Unload the dishwasher; put away dishes in drying rack

–          Prepare snack according to the snack menu


Lunch time duties:

Prior to lunch time
Post lunch
–          Sanitize tables

–          Lay out table mats

–          Assist children with handwashing prior to eating

–          Lay out napping cots and blankets
–          Assist children in putting away lunch materials

–          Assist children with washing hands and face

–          Assist nappers with toileting/change diapers

–          Clean tables with sanitizer, sweep floor, spot wash as necessary

–          Wipe down children’s sinks

–          Load dishwasher, wash dishes

–          Switch with Ms. Manal into the nap room

Closing duties:

–          Engage children in play outdoors or indoors; supervise free play

–          Plan occasional crafts

–          Ensure children go home with belongings, work, and lunch bag/water bottle

–          Outdoors: bring toy baskets inside; sweep path

–          Put hand towels in the laundry (dryer before departing)

–          Wash all dishes; put on dishwasher

–          Wash water bottle trays

–          Plug in ipad and place phones on chargers

–          Days with no cleaner (Mondays)

o   Wipe all tables with sanitizer

o   Wipe down children’s sinks with sanitizer

o   Spray toilets with sanitizer: seats, flush handle, water

o   Sweep Practical Life area floor

o   Vacuum entry carpets and green classroom carpet


Eligible Candidates

Description: The Assistant Teacher contributes to the general care and supervision of preschool-aged children, plans programming activities, and provides support to the Montessori teachers.


Professional requirements: A Teacher Assistant will hold the minimal designation of Child Care Assistant (CCA) and will always be professional.


Must have excellent interpersonal communication and teamwork skills with the goal of problem solving and support for co-workers

Job Description & Qualifications
·       Knowledge/training of Montessori Philosophy is an asset

·       Current Standard Child Care First Aid & CPR/AED

·       A successful Child Abuse Registry (Vulnerable sector) search

·       Clear Criminal Record check

·       Maintains a current membership with the Manitoba Child Care Association

·       Knowledgeable of relevant legislation including, but not limited to:

o   Child Care Acts and Regulations

o   Food and Nutrition Standards

o   Fire Inspection

·       Excellent verbal and written communications, interpersonal skills, ability to multi-task, time management, and organizational abilities

·       A well-rounded team player, with a high level of patience, dedication, energy, enthusiasm and caring

·       Ability to learn processes and procedures quickly and adapt to a fast-paced working environment.

·       Flexibility in daily activities

·       An ability to think outside of the box

A proactive team player

Application Deadline December 17th, 2021
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